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Hollywood Stunned by Monroe’s Demise

Aug. 5, 1962 - The stunned entertainment world groped for words today to express its grief over the death of Marilyn Monroe. Actor Jack Lemmon, one of Miss Monroe’s last co-stars, termed her death an enormous loss to show business. “I was terribly fond of her. We lost a unique and, as far as I’m concerned, wonderful person,” said Lemmon, who worked with her in “Some Like It Hot.” Peter Lawford and his wife, Pat, President Kennedy’s sister, had been close with Miss Monroe since 1949. “Pat and I loved her dearly,” said Mr. Lawford. “She was probably one of the most marvelous and warmest human beings I have met. Anything else I could say would be superfluous.” Jayne Mansfield, who followed in Miss Monroe’s footsteps as a blond glamor queen, said, “The whole world will mourn the passing of a great star. There will never be another Marilyn Monroe.” Dean Martin (left), who would have co-starred with the actress in the canceled “Something’s Got To Give,” reacted to the news with shocked disbelief. “I am sure it was an accident,” he said. “Marilyn was at my home just a few days ago. She was happy, in excellent spirits, and we were making plans to resume the picture early next year. She was a warm person, a wonderful person.” After a long pause, Mr. Martin added softly: “The only one she ever hurt was herself.”


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