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Hollywood Actors Arrive in Gadsden, Alabama to Bolster Desegregation Drive

Aug. 22, 1963 - Actors Paul Newman, Marlon Brando Anthony Franciosa, and William Frye arrived in Gadsden, Alabama, tonight to bolster a desegregation drive. Mr. Brando told a tumultuous Negro rally that “civil rights is the wave that is going to sweep the country.” The four spoke before a crowd of more than 1,000 cheering Negroes gathered in Union Methodist Church (pictured) and overflowing into the streets. The four actors promised to meet tomorrow with city councilmen and officials of Republic Steel and Goodyear Tire — two of the town’s largest employers — and present Negro grievances. “If that fails, we’ll try again — and we’ll try again,” Mr. Brando told the gathering. Mr. Newman, asked if he were willing to go to jail, replied: “Yes — but I won’t like it.”


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