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Hoffa Will Not Be Prosecuted on Assault Charge

July 9, 1962 - The Government today decided not to prosecute James R. Hoffa, Teamster’s president, on assault charges pressed against him in Washington, D.C. The reason given by the U.S. Attorney’s office was “serious conflicts” in the testimony available. On one side was Samuel Baron, 59, who asserted Mr. Hoffa struck him in Mr. Hoffa’s office and knocked him to the floor. On the other side were six witnesses associated with the Teamster’s Union. An exhaustive investigation had failed to resolve conflicts in the two stories. Mr. Baron has now left his $17,000-a-year job as a field director with the union. He told the police that Mr. Hoffa had been dissatisfied with him for many years, but that the attack came as a surprise. He said a first punch hit his left eye and knocked him down. He said he got up and pushed Mr. Hoffa, but was then hit in the right eye and pushed over a chair. Mr. Hoffa and about 60 of his associates are under indictment on other charges. Mr. Hoffa is under two indictments, one in Florida alleging mail fraud and another at Nashville, which charges him with taking more than $1 million in illegal payments from a trucking company.


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