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Hoffa Setback in Chicago

July 19, 1961 - Drivers for Chicago's two major taxicab fleets have elected a reform local as their bargaining agent over a local backed by the Teamsters Union. The reform local is headed by Dominic Abata, who during a bitter election campaign called the teamster leader, James R. Hoffa, a "liar." Mr Hoffa came to Chicago to aid the campaign of Joseph P. Glimco (right), who heads Teamsters Local 777. Mr. Glimco has been accused by the Senate Rackets Investigating Committee of running "the nation's most corrupt union." He has a record of 35 arrests, including two charges of murder. One murder charge was dismissed and he was acquitted of the other. The election campaign was marked by name-calling, with Mr. Hoffa labeling Mr. Abata a "coward" and Mr. Glimco calling him "incompetent and stupid." Mr. Abata in turn called Mr. Glimco "a thief and a thug."


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