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Hoffa: Let’s Investigate Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy

Mar. 8, 1963 - James R. Hoffa, the Teamsters Union boss, proposed an investigation of Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy today “because he’s violated his oath of office.” Hoffa said the Teamsters will do their best to bring about the investigation. The fiery labor leader criticized the Attorney General’s handling of procurement of ransom goods for Cuban prisoners and said Mr. Kennedy has violated his oath of office “by seeking money from Congress to carry on a personal vendetta.” He estimated the government had spent $50 million trying to send him to jail. He said 32 federal grand juries are investigating the Teamsters, not to mention the FBI, IRS, and other federal agencies. Hoffa claimed this does not bother him. “I’ve got to go to bed with it every night, and I’m sleeping O.K. I’m probably doing better than they are.” He estimated that it has cost the Teamsters close to $400,000 the 4 times he has been tried in federal courts.


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