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Hoffa Hits Robert Kennedy

Apr. 1, 1963 - U.S. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy (pictured left in 1958) is a “spoiled young millionaire” who is using the taxpayers’ money to carry on a personal vendetta against him, Teamster boss James Hoffa (right) charged last night in an NBC-TV interview with David Brinkley. “Bobby never had to go out and find a way to live by his own efforts, and he cannot understand resistance to what he wants,” Mr. Hoffa asserted. “If you look around this country, he has made almost all the international unions conform to what he wants,” Hoffa continued. “We don’t intend to conform. We’re going to carry out what our membership wants, keeping within the law, whether Bobby Kennedy likes it or not.” “There’s only one thing” Hoffa likes about Mr. Kennedy — “his willingness to work and to fight to win. Outside of that, I don’t have any use for him.” Asked by Mr. Brinkley if he hates Mr. Kennedy, Hoffa said, “I wouldn’t waste my time. I’ve got to think how to beat him, not to hate him. I say, live and let live. And those who try to destroy you, make it your business to see that they don’t — and that they have problems.”


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