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Hoffa Accuses Attorney General of “Personal Vendetta”

Feb. 12, 1963 - James R. Hoffa, President of the Teamsters Union, accused Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy today of carrying on a “personal vendetta” against him. Hoffa flew to Los Angeles in order to testify tomorrow before a federal grand jury. “I am not corrupt, and I deny any implications of any crime anywhere in the country,” Hoffa said. He added that Mr. Kennedy’s public remarks against him had to be a vendetta because “if he had any evidence against me, he would indict me. Otherwise, he’s in violation of his oath of office.” Hoffa, whose American Airlines jet landed at L.A. International Airport, was told Mr. Kennedy had come to Los Angeles only hours earlier aboard another American Airlines jet. “Nice fellow,” he laughed. “You think that’s by accident?” The airport interview got off to a lively start when a TV commentator asked Hoffa if he was “a crook.” Hoffa’s face flushed, and there was some brief mutual shoving and threats as he and his aides stormed away. He later consented to talk with reporters, but not the initial questioner.


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