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Highlights of President Kennedy’s Press Conference

May 22, 1963 - Following are the highlights of President Kennedy’s news conference today:

Alabama — The President said he hoped the people of Alabama would obey court orders ending segregation at the state university. He warned that he had no choice but to enforce the orders, although he was reluctant to use Federal marshals or troops.

Civil Rights — Mr. Kennedy said he was considering calling for new legislation that would provide a remedy, other than street demonstrations, to those deprived of civil rights.

Cuba — Mr. Kennedy firmly rejected the possibility that the Guantanamo naval base would be abandoned, said he had no evidence of a new military buildup in Cuba, and suggested Republican criticism was distorted and politically motivated.

Nuclear Testing — The President said the U.S. would continue to press for a test-ban agreement but was not ready to lower its demand for seven annual on-site inspections.

South Vietnam — Mr. Kennedy said that if the Diem Government desired the U.S. to remove its troops, they could start pulling out tomorrow. In any case, some might be removed by the end of the year.


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