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Highlights of President Kennedy’s Press Conference

Feb. 21, 1963 - Following are highlights of President Kennedy’s news conference:

Strike — The President suggested that New York newspaper publishers and striking printers “submit their differences to independent determination of some kind.” He said the strike has “long since passed the point of public toleration” and that it was “bad for the union movement all over the country.”

Aged — The Administration’s program of hospital insurance for elderly citizens has a good chance of passage this year, Mr. Kennedy said.

Nuclear — He said he did not think that an ultimatum should be set for April 1 for reaching agreement with the Russians on a nuclear test-ban treaty. However, he thought the U.S. would know “by springtime” whether the Soviet Union was ready to take positive steps toward limiting nuclear tests.

Cuba — The President said he had asked the Defense Department “to make any necessary revisions in standing orders so as to ensure that action will be taken against any vessel or aircraft which executes attacks against a vessel or aircraft of the U.S. over international waters in the Caribbean.” He said he would hold the Cubans, not the Russians, accountable for the attack yesterday on an American shrimp boat by Cuba-based MIGs.


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