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Highlights of President Kennedy's Press Conference

Mar. 7, 1962 - Following are the main points of the President’s news conference today:

Steel Negotiations — Mr. Kennedy asked for a resumption of collective bargaining by March 14 and emphasized again that the public interest required an early and non-inflationary settlement.

Trade — He announced what he described as a favorable accord on tariffs and trade with the European Common Market, the United Kingdom, and 24 other countries, and called again for passage of broader tariff-cutting authority at this session of Congress.

Geneva Conference — The President said that Berlin and Southeast Asia would probably be discussed along with disarmament questions, but he refused to predict progress on the latter. He repeated that he would go to a summit conference only after preliminary agreements, or to avoid war.

Space — He said that he sent a letter today to Premier Khrushchev proposing several specific cooperative space projects but gave no details.

Congress — He expressed satisfaction with the pace of Congressional action and confidence that much legislation would be passed this year.


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