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Highlights of President Kennedy’s News Conference

Feb. 14, 1963 - Following are the highlights of President Kennedy’s news conference today:

Troops — The U.S. has no plan to reduce the strength of its combat troops in Europe below six divisions, he said, although there has already been some reduction in logistical forces.

Roosevelt — He said the same people who were questioning his appointment of Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr. as Under Secretary of Commerce had also questioned the qualifications of Mr. Roosevelt’s father to be President.

Berlin — No decision has been reached on the possibility of resuming exploratory talks with the Soviet Union aimed at resolving the status of Berlin.

Rockefeller — The President acknowledged some “suspicion” that Governor Rockefeller wanted to run against him in 1964. In this connection, he warned Republican critics of his foreign policy against “always assuming the U.S. is wrong in a controversy.”


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