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Highlights of President Johnson’s Program

Nov. 27, 1963 - Here are the major parts of the program President Johnson laid before Congress today:

Civil Rights — “We talked long enough in this country about equal rights. We have talked for 100 years or more. Yes, it is time now to write the next chapter — and to write it in books of law.”

Tax Reduction — “That bill, if passed without delay, means more security for those now working and mor jobs for those now without them.”

World Commitments — “This nation will keep its commitments from South Vietnam to West Berlin…Those who test our courage will find it strong, and those who seek our friendship will find it honorable.”

National Defense — “We must be ready to defend the national interest and to negotiate the national interest…I rededicate this Government to the maintenance of military strength second to none.”

World Peace — “We will be unceasing in the search for peace.”


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