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Highlights from President Kennedy's Press Conference

June 27, 1962 - The highlights of President Kennedy’s 37th news conference today follow:

China — The U.S. will not remain idle if Quemoy and Matsu are attacked, he said. He placed heavy emphasis on the “traditional” U.S. position, stemming from the 1954 Formosa resolution and the Eisenhower policy. He stressed that the policy was for defense, not for invasion of the mainland.

Prayer — The President declined to make a direct evaluation of the Supreme Court’s ruling on prayer in New York schools. He said that Americans must support the decisions of the court whether they liked them or not. He called for the people to pray more on their own.

Defense — The President indicated that he wanted to reduce U.S. troop commitments overseas, but said it would not happen in the foreseeable future. He rejected General Eisenhower’s suggestion that defense spending was too high.

Brother — The President said that the people of Massachusetts would decide whether his brother, Edward, should be a Senator. He expressed confidence in his brother’s ability, noting that he had been assigned important responsibilities in the 1960 Presidential effort.

Cubans — He declared he was sympathetic to the basic desire behind a public campaign for funds to ransom Cuban prisoners. Of the participation of Mrs. Kennedy’s sister, Princess Radziwill, he said she was free to make her own judgments.


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