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Highlights from President Kennedy's Press Conference

May 23, 1962 - Following are the highlights of President Kennedy’s news conference today:

Refugees — He disclosed that a limited number of Chinese refugees would be admitted to the U.S. on an emergency basis. Food aid to refugees in Hong Kong will continue. But the President said that American aid could not get at the basic problem, which he called food shortages in China, a country of 650 million persons.

Asia — Asked whether the American troop commitment to Thailand was like the long-term commitment in Europe, he hedged but said it was difficult to take troops out once they were put into a country.

Medical — He accused critics of his program on medical care for the aged of complaining one day that it went too far and the next that it did not go far enough. He said he had no intention, if his program passes, of coming back in a few years and asking Congress to include physicians’ bills as well as hospital bills in Social Security coverage.

Eisenhower — He threw cold water on a suggestion that he debate with former President Eisenhower on television in the Congressional election campaign this fall.


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