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Highlights from President Johnson’s News Conference

Dec. 18, 1963 - Here are some highlights from President Johnson’s news conference today:

Summit Meeting with Khrushchev — “I am ready and willing to meet with any of the world leaders at any time there is any indication a meeting would be fruitful and productive. When there are such indications, I will be glad to make a decision and inform you of it.”

Federal Budget — “We are going to cut out every dime of waste that we can in order to have as much to spend on the unfilled needs of this nation. We are going to be very careful not to sacrifice our military posture or weaken our combat strength.”

Tax Reduction — “I am told by the chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers that we are now passing the $600 billion gross national product rate. That is about as fine a Christmas present as could come to the people of this country. If we get the tax bill, we expect to increase that rate substantially.”

News Conferences — “I would say that we are going to maintain an adequate flow of information to the press at all times in the best manner that we can. We will do what comes naturally. We don’t want to be too rigid. We always want to be flexible.”

The No. 1 Goal — “My No. 1 priority, my No. 1 goal, my No. 1 objective, my No. 1 ambition, is to try to provide the leadership for my country with vision, tolerance, patience, and strength that will convince the rest of the world that we court no territory, seek no satellites, that we are trying to live in peace and prosperity, and we would like for our fellow men everywhere to be able to do the same thing.”


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