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Herbert Haseltine is Dead, Created Man o’ War Sculpture

Jan. 8, 1962 - Herbert Haseltine (pictured in 1944), a well-known American sculptor, died in Paris today at the age of 84. Mr. Haseltine, who lived and worked in Paris most of his life, was known for his statues of horses and other animals. Two of his most famous works are the equestrian statue of George Washington in front of the National Cathedral in Washington and his statue of the race horse Man o’ War in Lexington, Ky. Mr. Haseltine said of his Man o’ War statue, completed in 1947 after 7 years’ labor: “I think it’s the best I’ve done, but it’s difficult for me to judge.” The 3,000-pound statue, cast in bronze, was installed in 1948 at Faraway Farm near Lexington, Ky., beside the grave of the famous stallion. Big Red, who lived for 30 years, died some months before his likeness came to join him.


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