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Hemingway Left Four Novels, Dozens of Unpublished Stories

Mar. 8, 1962 - Unpublished novels by Ernest Hemingway (second from left) — possibly four of them — and dozens of stories and sketches have been brought to New York by the author’s widow. “I loved them, I’m mad about them,” Mary Hemingway (pictured between her late husband and Gary Cooper) said today in her apartment. Since the death of her husband last July 2 in Ketchum, Idaho, she has spent most of her time examining the vast amounts of unpublished work that he had stored in the back of a bar called Sloppy Joe’s Saloon in Key West, Fla., and bank vaults in Cuba. One of the four novels might be a companion piece to “The Old Man and the Sea,” she said. A second one deals with Paris in the 1920s, a third with a series of connecting sketches of World War II battles in Europe, and the fourth is a kind of “fictional interpretation” of Africa that Mr. Hemingway began shortly after his two airplane crashes there in 1954.


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