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Hawks Build 2-0 Series Advantage over Pistons

Mar. 22, 1963 - Just before he tore a copy of the box score in small pieces, Detroit Piston coach Dick McGuire jabbed his finger at two names in the St. Louis Hawks' lineup. "Those two guys -- Pettit and Bridges -- kept the ball alive for St. Louis under the basket," said the disheartened coach. "They gave their club that second chance to score. Those are the rebounds that hurt." Because Bob Pettit (pictured) and Bill Bridges shoved and shouldered their way to 34 rebounds between them tonight, the Hawks have an imposing 2-0 advantage in the NBA's Western division playoff. The Hawks were 122-108 at Kiel Auditorium. Pettit was brilliant. The 6-foot-9 veteran scored 42 points, hitting 16 of his 30 field goal attempts and 10 out of 11 free throws. He had 18 rebounds and 5 assists. Detroit's hopes faded in the fourth quarter as first Bailey Howell and then Dave DeBusschere fouled out with half the period still to go. DeBusschere, a rookie who is also a pitcher for the Chicago White Sox, didn't come near his performance in Wednesday's playoff opener as Hawk guard John Barnhill harassed him all night long. "I'd call Barnhill one of the outstanding performers in this game," said St. Louis coach Harry Gallatin. "He really worked. Stopping DeBusschere was a team effort too, for the other players were alert, and they helped Barnhill when they could. That's the kind of thing that wins playoffs.”


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