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Has Success Mellowed Drysdale?

Aug. 4, 1962 - Don Drysdale, once known as “The Meanest Man in Baseball,” has become the nicest 20-game winner the Dodgers ever had. Big D was all chuckles as he won No. 20 last night against the Cubs, 8-3. Thirty wins now is not an unreasonable goal for Drysdale. The Dodgers have 52 games remaining and Drysdale normally should start 13 of those. Drysdale used to be called many things by opponents, including “head-hunter.” Last year, he hit 20 batters — the most by a National League pitcher since 1909. Drysdale denied deliberate malice. “I pitch ‘em tight,” Don said. “I never deliberately hit a batter in my life.” This year, he has hit only six, perhaps proving that success breeds amiability. Drysdale contends batters get hit when they try to outguess him. Willie Mays recently agreed: “You can’t guess with Drysdale if you want to stay healthy. He pitches you in, and he pitches you out. You gotta be ready, man.”


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