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Harry Belafonte To Challenge Georgia Segregation Laws

May 11, 1962 - Harry Belafonte, appearing with his revue at a Toronto theatre, said today he planned to take his troupe to Georgia to fight segregation laws there. “To be honest, I don’t really think we’ll have much trouble. Atlanta is one of the most progressive cities in the South, with a large Negro population of considerable voting power,” he said. He said the Atlanta performance would be a benefit for the Rev. Martin Luther King. Laws Mr. Belafonte said would be broken are those that forbid mixing of white and Negro patrons in a theatre audience; forbid mixing of white and Negro musicians in the pit; forbid mixing white and Negro travelers en route through the state; forbid mixing of white and Negro guests in some hotels. “And if they hope to stop us, they’ll have to arrest everybody,” he said.


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