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Governor Rockefeller Talks Impending Divorce

Feb. 14, 1962 - New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller said today that the question of whether his pending divorce would be a political liability was something that the voters would decide in the voting booths. At a news conference, the Governor restated his position that questions dealing with the divorce were not properly “in the public domain.” The Governor has previously indicated that he did not think the divorce would affect his political career. The was raised anew today in view of the fact that Mr. Rockefeller recently took up residence at Reno, Nev., preparatory to filing a divorce action. Mr. Rockefeller was asked today whether he would give the reason for the divorce action. He said that he would not, that he still regarded this out of the public domain. Mr. Rockefeller, who has announced his intention to seek re-election this year, said he hoped votes would be cast on the basis of his record in office.


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