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Governor Rockefeller's Son Michael Still Missing, Feared Dead

Nov. 21, 1961 - Missionaries joined rescue parties combing the jungle marshes of the southwestern New Guinea coast today in hope that Michael Rockefeller (pictured), son of the New York Governor, would be found alive. The young man was last seen by a Dutch companion, Dr. R.W. Wassink, Sunday as he set out to swim 15 miles to shore from their capsized native boat. Dr. Wassink’s rescuers quoted him as saying that young Rockefeller had left the native boat “against my strong advice.” Dr. Waassink, now recovering from two days’ exposure, said: “Rockefeller’s restless nature made it impossible for him to endure our drifting around, and he left the boat although I urged him not to.” The waters through which Michael swam in his attempt to reach the shore are infested with sharks and crocodiles.


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