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Governor Rockefeller Extols “Vigor” of JFK Speech

Oct. 22, 1962 - Governor Nelson Rockefeller announced tonight that he had summoned the New York State Defense Council and the Civil Defense Commission into session tomorrow “to assure that New York State is in a state of maximum readiness.” Governor Rockefeller heard the first part of President Kennedy’s speech tonight in a bus carrying him from the airport to the center of Rochester, where he is on a campaign visit. He went to a suite in the Powers Hotel to watch the rest of the broadcast on television. Tonight, the Governor said: “The signs of Communist menace from Cuba have been clear and mounting for some time now. They could not be ignored. The President has now made the proof of the danger public and plain. The President has spoken with vigor. As I stated in April 1961 when Cuban exiles landed on Cuban shores to free their homeland, all Americans must stand united behind the President to give him the support for whatever action is necessary in the defense of freedom.”


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