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Governor Connally Returns to Office in Austin

Jan. 28, 1964 - Texas Governor John Connally visited his office in the State Capitol in Austin today for the first time since an assassin’s bullets struck him as President Kennedy was slain last Nov. 22 (pictured). The Governor held a news conference to announce a schedule of public appearances. He also said he was ready to resume a working schedule of at least a few hours a day at the office. Mr. Connally said he had been working about 10 hours a day at his temporary office in the Governor’s Mansion but had found those hours “a little too much for me.” He confirmed that he met last weekend with former Governor Allan Shivers and U.S. Representative Joe Kilgore. He denied, however, that he had urged either to run against U.S. Senator Ralph Yarborough. Both men have been mentioned as possible opponents of Mr. Yarborough in the Democratic primary. Mr. Connally said he had “no particular feeling” about Don Yarborough’s announcement that he will run against Mr. Connally in the primary. Don Yarborough, no relation to Senator Yarborough, lost to Mr. Connally by 26,000 votes in 1962. The Governor said he would fly to New York for a speech Feb. 25, and he hoped to visit President Johnson on his way back to Texas.


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