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Governor Connally Grants Parole to Candy Barr

Mar. 22, 1963 - Texas Governor John B. Connally today granted parole to former Dallas striptease dancer Candy Barr (pictured at Dallas County Jail after her 1957 arrest). Candy, whose real name is Mrs. Juanita Dale Phillips Sahakian, is serving a 15-year sentence for possession of marijuana. Gov. Connally’s signing of parole papers will bring her release in about 10 days. Miss Barr, who danced in nightclubs and burlesque houses from New Orleans to the West Coast wearing two six-guns, a 10-gallon hat, and little else, has promised to quit stripping and become a full-time housewife in Los Angeles. She married Jack Sahakian there shortly before she began serving her prison sentence. An 8-year-old son by a previous marriage lives with Sahakian. Candy has been a model prisoner. She sang in the prison choir, finished high school credits in English and mathematics, and worked as a seamstress.


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