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GOP Chooses San Francisco for 1963 Convention

June 22, 1963 - The Republican National Committee today chose San Francisco for the GOP’s 1964 nominating convention. The convention will open on Monday, July 13, in the Cow Palace. President Dwight D. Eisenhower was nominated there for his second term in 1956 (pictured). The Democrats are expected to hold their convention a month later, possibly in Atlantic City or Chicago. That decision will be made next week in Washington. San Francisco offered the Republicans about $650,000 for the convention. This included revenue from advertising in the convention program. Miami Beach had been an early favorite, but concern developed over the problem that Cuban refugees there might create. Republicans have not held any but their 1956 convention on the Pacific Coast. The Cow Palace is not actually in San Francisco city or county. It is in San Mateo County, about halfway between San Francisco Bay and the Pacific. The drive by freeway between most San Francisco hotels and the auditorium takes about 20 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.


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