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Goldwater Wins Texas Primary

May 2, 1964 - Senator Barry Goldwater scored a sweeping victory tonight over all opponents in the Texas Republican Presidential preference primary.

In the Democratic gubernatorial primary contest, Governor John Connally triumphed over his liberal opponent for the nomination, Don Yarborough.

Senator Ralph Yarborough, a liberal Democrat, won renomination, defeating Gordon McLendon, a conservative. Senator Yarborough and Don Yarborough are unrelated.

Running second to Senator Goldwater was Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge, who got his support entirely by write-in votes. The Arizona Senator’s name was on the ballot, as were those of Governor Rockefeller of New York, Senator Margaret Chase Smith of Maine, and Harold Stassen, former Minnesota Governor.

Senator Goldwater’s victory in today’s primary had been expected. The only question among his supporters was how big his victory margin would be.

Returns from 204 of 254 counties listed these vote totals:

Goldwater — 88,960

Lodge — 9,526

Rockefeller — 5,301

Stassen — 4,525

Smith — 4,261

Richard M. Nixon — 4,154

William Scranton — 465

George Romney — 123

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