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Goldwater Urges Conservatism for Republican Party

Jan. 13, 1962 - Senator Barry Goldwater urged Republican party workers today to shape a clearly conservative image for the party. The Arizona conservative was the final speaker at a two-day meeting of the Republican National Committee in Oklahoma City. “The Republican Party has failed to present to this nation a solid political organization unequivocally committed to an easily definable political philosophy,” Mr. Goldwater said. He assailed “two-faced images.” He said the party lost the Presidential election in 1960 because “we were not Republican enough.” Mr. Goldwater is a potential Presidential candidate in 1964. Some party professionals, however, consider him too conservative to win the election. Others consider Governor Rockefeller of New York too liberal to suit the views of party regulars. The Goldwater speech today was interpreted as an effort to enhance the Arizonan’s position with the party organization and to sell his philosophy to more party leaders.


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