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Goldwater: Scranton’s Entry “Desperation Move”

June 12, 1964 - Senator Goldwater today branded Pennsylvania Governor William Scranton’s entry into the Republican Presidential race “a desperation move.”

“The Republican establishment is desperate to defeat me,” said Goldwater. “They can’t stand having someone they can’t control.”

“It is too late now,” Goldwater continued. “Scranton will have to wage a costly, vigorous campaign to convince delegates pledged to me that it would be a mistake to stay with me.”

Goldwater told an NBC newsman that former Vice President Nixon was “the prime mover” in getting Scranton to enter the race. Goldwater has said several times that he felt Nixon was the only obstacle on Goldwater’s path to the nomination.

Earlier, in a formal statement, Goldwater said he welcomed Scranton’s decision to seek the nomination. He said Scranton was one of the nation’s outstanding governors.

Goldwater predicted that Scranton would “fight a clean, vigorous campaign” and would not “duck the issues.”

In London, Nixon told reporters: “I will not endorse Scranton or anyone else before the convention. My role will be one of neutrality.”

Nixon did call the Pennsylvania Governor’s candidacy a “healthy situation.” But he hotly denied that he had had anything to do with Scranton’s decision to seek the nomination.

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