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Goldwater on Rockefeller Attack: “Guilt by Association”

Aug. 6, 1963 - Senator Barry Goldwater (R-Ariz.) asserted today that Governor Nelson Rockefeller (R-N.Y.) was using “the old Democratic technique of guilt by association” in attempting to identify him with the “radical right.” “And I’m not going to fall for it,” the Arizona Republican added. Gov. Rockefeller told a news conference in Albany yesterday that he would not support Sen. Goldwater as the party’s nominee “if he were a captive of the radical right.” He has previously criticized the conservative Arizonan for not disowning the support of right-wing groups. In an interview today, Sen. Goldwater scoffed at the New Yorker’s most recent thrust as “guilt by association.” “I believe in party unity. You can have a healthy debate within the Republican party without disrupting things. But the party can’t survive when its leaders are chewing away at each other the way he apparently wants to do.” The Senator added that Rockefeller should define what he meant when he spoke of the “radical right.” “Unless they are talking about fascists, or this little Nazi party over here in Arlington,” he said, “all the other groups I know anything about are completely within their constitutional rights in advocating the kind of stand they do.”


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