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Gloria Vanderbilt to Divorce Sidney Lumet

Aug. 23, 1963 - Millionairess-actress-writer-painter Gloria Vanderbilt (right), 39, will be divorced “within the next few weeks” from her third husband, director Sidney Lumet (left), it was announced today by her attorney, Arnold Krakower. The lawyer would not give details of where or when the divorce would be obtained. He emphasized the couple’s good will toward each other, adding: “They will always be the best of friends.” The lawyer also said that the rumors and gossip linking them with other romances were “ludicrous.” “There is no one in the picture for either one of them, and that is no baloney,” Mr. Krakower said. Miss Vanderbilt, who inherited $4,748,020 in 1945, was first married at 17, to Hollywood agent Pat DiCicco. That marriage lasted two years. In 1945, she married elderly conductor Leopold Stokowski, and they had two sons. They were divorced after 10 years. In 1956, she married Mr. Lumet. Miss Vanderbilt is a great-great-granddaughter of railroad magnate Cornelius Vanderbilt.


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