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Girl, Near Death, Rescued after Days in Life Raft

Nov. 16, 1961 - A girl who survived the sinking of a yacht in a Bahaman squall Sunday was found on a raft in the Atlantic today. She was in a deep sleep and near death. The child was 11-year-old Terry Jo Duperrault (pictured) of Green Bay, Wis. She was picked up by a passing merchant vessel which chanced upon the small white raft in choppy waters. Terry Jo was cast into the sea with 6 other persons, including her parents and a brother and sister, when the 60-foot sailboat, the Bluebelle, caught fire and sank after a severe battering from a tropical squall. One other person is known to have survived, the captain of the vessel, 45-year-old Julian Harvey. He was picked up by a tanker last Monday. He had in the lifeboat with him the body of Terry Jo’s sister, Rene, 7. A Coast Guard helicopter brought Terry Jo to Miami Hospital. Dr. Franklin Verdon termed the girl’s condition serious but said: “I think she will make it. I think she will live.”


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