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Gil Hodges Night at the Polo Grounds

Aug. 25, 1962 - For the second time in his long and brilliant baseball career, Gil Hodges was hailed as a conquering hero at the Polo Grounds last night before the game between the Mets and the Dodgers. The 38-year-old Met first baseman was the principal figure in Gil Hodges Night ceremonies. In 1957, when he was with the then Brooklyn Dodgers, he played a similar role on Gil Hodges Day at Ebbets Field. “It was a tremendous thrill being honored in Brooklyn,” said Hodges, “and doubly so this time. After all, not many ballplayers get two of these things. It’s especially gratifying because I’ve been away from Brooklyn four years, out on the Coast with the Dodgers, and I haven’t played much this year.” Hodges has been sidelined since mid-July, when he underwent surgery for the removal of kidney stones. A highlight of the ceremony was the appearance of Dodger outfielder Duke Snider at the field microphone, bearing a gift of a shotgun to Hodges from his former teammates. “Gil,” Snider said, “it was a pleasure playing with you all those years, and I want you to know that we sure miss you. This gun is from all the Dodger coaches, trainers, officials, and players. Use it in good health and good luck.” From the Mets, Hodges received a motorized blue golf caddy cart. It was delivered by Richie Ashburn, who drove it from the clubhouse to home plate.


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