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Gil Hodges: Dodgers “Should Have Been Shot” for Blowing Pennant to Giants

Dec. 19, 1962 - Gil Hodges (pictured) joked today that his old Los Angeles Dodger teammates “should have been shot” for losing the National League pennant to the San Francisco Giants this October. The 38-year-old first baseman, who underwent a successful knee operation at the conclusion of the 1962 season, discussed his old club at a New York Mets’ press conference. “I thought the Dodgers were going to win,” Hodges said. “They should have been shot with that shotgun they gave me,” he laughed, referring to the gun presented him by the Dodgers during “Gil Hodges Day” at the Polo Grounds in August. Hodges is looking forward to his 18th season in the National League after having a mass of cartilage removed from his left knee. “My leg feels absolutely fine,” he reported. “I exercise it daily by strapping some books around the ankle and lifting it 20 or 30 times. I’ll be all right by the time spring training rolls around.”


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