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Giants Trade Sam Huff to Redskins in NFL Shocker

Apr. 10, 1964 - The New York Giants shocked Sam Huff (pictured) and the football world today by trading him to the Washington Redskins for a strong, experienced defensive lineman and a light-weight halfback who still leaves unfilled their crying need for a crashing-type runner. In exchange for Huff, the most prominent of their defensive specialists, the Giants acquired Andy Stynchula, a 257-pounder who probably will take over Dick Modzelewski’s tackle job, and Dick James, a versatile, 185-pound back who does his best work at punt returns.

Huff, an all-NFL linebacker in five of the eight seasons he played for the Giants, was crushed when he was informed of the trade by coach Allie Sherman. Huff heard the news in Cleveland, where he was attending a sales meeting of the J.P. Stevens textile firm for which he works during the off-season.

Upon arriving at his home in Flushing later today, Huff admitted: “I’m in a complete state of confusion. It doesn’t make much difference what Washington gave up to get me. I’m not a member of the Giants any more, and that’s why my pride is hurt.”

He said he was not sure whether he wanted to continue playing pro football. “I really haven’t had a chance to talk it over with my wife. If I go — and I’m not saying I will — I’ll have to start all over and make friends with guys I’ve been playing against all these years. You just don’t play with a group of guys for eight years and not feel hurt and shocked when the Giants say they don’t need you anymore.”

The Giants gave up Huff reluctantly and might not have had to trade him away if Baltimore had not pulled out of a three-way deal involving Lenny Moore. The Giants originally proposed to send other players to the Colts in exchange for Moore, who would have been turned over to Washington for Stynchula and James. However, Baltimore balked, leaving the Giants and Redskins to work out a deal involving Huff.

“Sam had a good year for us last season,” coach Sherman said, “but we had to pay a price to get what we felt we needed most.”

Sherman said the Giants would continue seeking the big running back they need, “but we’re not anywhere close to a deal right now.”

In Washington, coach Bill McPeak, who was rehired this winter on win-or-else terms, laughed at the idea that Huff is over the hill.

“He’s only 29, and there are a lot of fine linebackers in this league a lot older,” McPeak said. “Just look at Joe Schmidt and Bill George. We looked at films of the Giants’ games before making the trade, and I think Huff’s as good as he ever was.”

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