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Giants’ QB Tittle Has Bruised Back, X-Rays Negative

Dec. 17, 1962 - Y.A. Tittle (right), the New York Giants’ great passer, had a bruised back today, the result of a fall in Sunday’s game against Dallas. “I was worried last night,” said Tittle, “but the X-rays were negative. I’ll be all right for Green Bay.” The mishap came in the final minutes of the 41-31 victory over the Cowboys. Tittle already had tied the NFL record of 32 touchdown passes in a season and was trying to break the record. On fourth down, he rolled out and bootlegged the ball to the Dallas 8-yard line, where he was run out of bounds and dumped on the ice by an ambitious Cowboy, Chuck Howby. Tittle was so upset that he threw the ball at Howby. “All I could think was there goes the title game in the last minute of the season,” said Tittle. “I really don’t know why I threw the ball. I was so afraid I was hurt bad.”


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