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Giants’ Felipe Alou Still Unsigned

Jan. 22, 1963 - Outfielder Felipe Alou (pictured right with brother Matty) today announced in Santo Domingo that he had returned his 1963 contract to the San Francisco Giants without his signature. “I had a good season in 1962,” said Alou, “and I think I deserve more than they offered.” Alou, who batted .316 last year, hit 25 homers, and drove in 98 runs, admitted that the Giants’ offer included a sizable raise over his $18,000 contract in 1962. It is believed Alou is asking $30,000 for the coming season. Giant vice president Charles “Chub” Feeney said he had not spoken to Alou. “All I can say is he had a good year, and we offered what was considered a good raise,” Feeney said. “We will wait and see what he asks. We are in the negotiation stage.”


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