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Giants-Dodgers Game to Be Filmed for Use in Movie "Experiment in Terror"

July 27, 1961 - Next month three Hollywood cameramen will film a game at San Francisco's Candlestick Park between the Giants and the Dodgers. Though baseball sequences have been used in movies before, this is said to be the first time that cameramen will be covering an entire major league game for a movie. Usually in films that require shots of a baseball game the director uses footage out of film libraries. The filming is for a suspense movie called "Experiment in Terror," starring Lee Remick (pictured) and Glenn Ford and to be directed by Blake Edwards for Columbia Pictures. Since it would be difficult to get clearance from regular spectators, Columbia will hire extras, buy their tickets and use only the extras to show crowd reaction. A spectator who is shown in the movie without his consent can sue on the grounds that his privacy has been invaded.


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