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Giants’ Allie Sherman is NFL Coach of the Year

Dec. 12, 1962 - Allie Sherman (pictured left with Kyle Rote), coach of the New York Giants, was voted Coach of the Year in the NFL for the second straight year today in the AP balloting by a committee of sportswriters and broadcasters from the 14 league cities. Sherman shaded the Washington Redskins’ Bill McPeak by three votes. Vince Lombardi of Green Bay and Tom Landry of Dallas were close behind, followed by George Wilson of the Detroit Lions. “I am very grateful for this honor,” said Sherman. “I didn’t know anybody ever repeated in the balloting. I want to thank all the people, especially the players, who usually are picked to finish fifth and wind up doing pretty well for themselves. My staff has done a wonderful job.” Sherman took over more details of the defensive coaching this year after Harland Svare left to become an assistant coach — and eventually head coach — of the Los Angeles Rams.


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