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Georgia National Guard Called Out After More Demonstrations in Albany

Dec. 14, 1961 - National Guardsmen were called out today as negotiators sought to resolve a crisis over mass arrests of Negro demonstrators in Albany, Ga. The 150 Guardsmen called began reporting to their armory shortly after the fifth demonstration of the week had brought the desegregation of the Trailways Bus Terminal. Negotiations between white and Negro leaders were suspended temporarily today as the result of a report that one of the jailed Negroes had been beaten. He is Charles Sherrod (pictured), an official of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee of Atlanta. Officials had Mr. Sherrod brought to Albany tonight from the Terrell County Jail in Dawson, where he and some other prisoners were being held. Negroes and whites who questioned him quoted Mr. Sherrod as having said that he had not been beaten. However, he said he had been slapped twice by an official for refusing to say “sir.”

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