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George C. Scott to Star in Stanley Kubrick Film “Dr. Strangelove”

Dec. 2, 1962 - George C. Scott (left), noted for his fine performances on stage and his spellbinding turn as the vicious gambler in “The Hustler” last year, will return to the screen in the role of the American Air Force Chief of Staff in “Dr. Strangelove: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.” The picture, to be produced and directed by Stanley Kubrick (right) for Columbia Pictures release, will go before the cameras at the Shepperton Studios in London in February, with Peter Sellers in the title role. Mr. Kubrick, who collaborated on the screenplay with Peter George, British author of the novel “Red Alert,” from which the film stems, has said the following in relation to the film: “There is an almost total preoccupation with a technical solution to the problem of the bomb. Our theme is that there is no technical solution. The only solution and defense lie in the minds and hearts of men.”


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