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General Rosson Will Head "Special Warfare" Unit

Jan. 24, 1962 - The Army assigned its youngest general today to responsibility for directing the ground force’s expanding efforts in guerrilla warfare. The assignment went to Brig. Gen. William B. Rosson, 43, a paratrooper and combat veteran who has seen most of the world’s trouble spots over the last 20 years. Army Secretary Elvis J. Stahr Jr. designated General Rosson as special assistant to Gen. George H. Decker, Army Chief of Staff, in charge of “special warfare.” Under orders from President Kennedy, the Army’s special forces have been expanding for almost a year. Today’s announcement said General Rosson would “focus principally on the Army’s anti-guerrilla and counter-insurgency activities.” His responsibilities include “paramilitary operations, psychological and unconventional warfare, and the employment of irregular forces.” At present, General Rosson is assistant commander of the Eighth Infantry Division in Germany. He will take over his new duties Feb. 12.


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