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Funeral Services Held for Officer J.D. Tippit

Nov. 25, 1963 - In Dallas today, more than 400 persons crowded into Beckley Hills Baptist Church for the funeral of J.D. Tippit, 39, hero policeman who was shot dead by Lee Harvey Oswald soon after Oswald killed President Kennedy. One thousand other persons stood outside the church in warm autumn sun, unable to get inside. The Reverend C.D. Tipps Jr., who conducted the service, said of Tippit: “He was doing his duty when he was taken from us by a poor, confused, misguided assassin, as was the President of the United States.” Tippit’s widow, Marie (pictured), wept softly. The eldest of her three children, 14-year-old Allen, wept with her. Brenda, 10, and Curtis, 5, were solemn and dry-eyed. The cortege was led by 15 police motorcycles to Laurel Land Memorial Cemetery, where Officer Tippit was buried in a special section set aside for honored dead.


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