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FTC Proposes Cigarette Ad Restrictions

Jan. 18, 1964 - The Federal Trade Commission proposed today stringent curbs on cigarette advertising. The commission issued a set of proposed rules that would do the following things:

— Require every cigarette advertisement, package, and carton to contain a clear warning that cigarette smoking is dangerous to health.

— Prohibit any statement or implication in any cigarette advertisement that smoking promotes good health or physical well-being.

— Prevent any advertisement asserting that one brand of cigarettes is less harmful to health than another, unless the advertiser has substantiated that claim in advance.

     The Defense Department, meanwhile, announced that its top health officers would meet next week to decide what ought to be done to discourage smoking among the 2.7 million men and women in the armed forces. The department indicated that it had no plan to bar smoking. However, policies such as the refusal to accept free cigarettes for distribution on military bases may be adopted. =


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