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FTC Plans Curbs on Cigarette Ads

Jan. 13, 1964 - The Federal Trade Commission is planning comprehensive curbs on cigarette advertising. These would go far beyond a mere requirement that the public be warned, on every cigarette package and in every ad, that cigarette smoking has been found a health hazard. The commission hopes to be able to force the cigarette industry to change the whole tone of its advertising. Specifically, it will attempt to force the elimination from cigarette advertising of statements or indications that people “feel good” when smoking, that smoking is a social grace, a sign of maturity, or a part of sophisticated living. Advertisements aimed at making smoking attractive to young people and those to that mention athletes may be banned entirely.

The commission believes it has authority to act under present law. It therefore plans to tell Congress that it sees no need for new legislation. The Federal commissions intended restrictions are certain to encounter strong industry and political opposition. But commission officials, some of whom view the problem of cigarette advertising as the most important in its 40-year history, say they will not compromise. In related news, copies of the smoking report issued this week are not yet available for public sale. When printing is completed, they will be for sale by the Government Printing Office at $1.25 each, with a discount for volume purchases.


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