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Frigid Weather Forecast for NFL Championship Game at Yankee Stadium

Dec. 29, 1962 - Snow and frigid temperatures are threatening to complicate tomorrow’s NFL championship game at Yankee Stadium between the Green Bay Packers and the New York Giants. Odds on the Packers to retain the championship held fast at six-and-a-half points when official forecasts predicted two inches of snow. The Giants, beaten in last December’s frosty championship game in Green Bay, 37-0, are expected to be hampered more by unfavorable playing conditions than the Packers, who rely less on the forward pass and have been drilling at home for the past week in sub-zero temperatures and in sneakers. Further agitating Giant fans is the fact that a federal court judge reaffirmed yesterday the NFL’s right to black out the New York area on the telecast of the game. With the announcement of the judge’s decision in a suit brought by three fans who sought to force a lifting of the blackout, thousands of unsuccessful ticket applicants began a rush to reserve motel accommodations outside the 75-mile blackout radius. The general exodus to upstate New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut is in full swing this evening.


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