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Friend of Lynda Bird Johnson Moves into White House

Jan. 28, 1964 - Warrie Lynn Smith (pictured) of San Antonio, Tex., moved into her new dormitory last night. From now on, her address will be 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and the 19-year-old daughter of a hardware dealer will be the nation’s star boarder. Warrie Lynn, whose first name is a girl’s version of Warfield, her father’s given name, shares a room with Lynda Bird Johnson on the second floor of the White House. It is much more spacious than their old room in Kinsolving Dormitory at the University of Texas at Austin. Caroline Kennedy occupied the room while her father was President. The Secret Service has already fingerprinted and photographed Warrie Lynn and issued her a temporary pass so she can get on the White House grounds without challenge. She will receive a permanent pass after security clearances. Warrie Lynn will not be assigned a security agent when she goes about on her own since she is not a member of the first family.

This morning, the roommates registered at George Washington University. Classes begin next Monday. The two will go to school from 9 a.m. to noon three days a week. Elizabeth Carpenter, Mrs. Johnson’s press secretary, explained that the girls were “ahead” on credits they had amassed at Texas. “We’re going to put them to work down here at the White House,” she said. She was alluding to hostess duties that Warrie Lynn will undoubtedly shoulder along with the Johnson daughters. Both Lynda and Lucy have often helped their mother entertain.

Asked why Mrs. Johnson had wanted Warrie Lynn to come to Washington with her older daughter, Mrs. Carpenter replied: “I think Lady Bird wanted Lynda not to be denied the friendships of college. But on the other hand, she wanted Lynda with her.” This, she said, appeared to be the perfect solution.


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