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French TV Star Charged in Massive Brooklyn Heroin Bust

Apr. 4, 1962 - A prominent French television figure, a Parisian nightclub owner, and a Brooklyn father and son pleaded not guilty in Kings County Court today to charges of conspiring to possess $3.5 million worth of heroin. The defendants are Jacques L. Angelvin (pictured center with Detective Edward Egan), 34, a television performer; Francois Paul Scaglia, 34, a nightclub owner; Joseph Fuca, 60, and his 30-year-old son, Pasquale, both of Brooklyn. The four were described as part of an international smuggling ring when they were arrested on Jan. 18 after a 2-month inquiry by Federal authorities and the local police. George A. Gaffney, chief Federal narcotics agent in the New York area, said that most of the heroin seized on the East Coast came from Paris. Angelvin’s attorney, Robert Kasanof, asked Judge Starkey to reduce his client’s bail to $50,000 from $100,000. He described Angelvin as “a French national, well known and well-loved in his country, where he has a prominent position in the television industry.” Judge Starkey rejected the plea and said he had a responsibility to see that the defendant was alive and present when the case was called for trial.


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