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French Leftists Exhilirated by Massive Demonstration

Feb. 14, 1962 - The French political Left, in parties, unions and civic groups, was exhilarated today by the massive outpouring of people in the streets of Paris yesterday and the generally effective strike staged throughout France. Hundreds of thousands marched in a funeral procession for eight persons killed Feb. 8 during a demonstration against the terror tactics of the Rightist Secret Army Organization (OAS). It was the biggest pro-Left demonstration in years and, after all the talk of general apathy in France, it came as a surprise. Press commentators saw a clear answer to those Rightists who, by terror tactics, sought to block a peace settlement for Algeria to promote the overthrow of the republican regime. The big question being asked after the last few days was how close the French Left was to a popular front of the type that united Communists, Socialists and Radicals in the same government in 1936.


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