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French Government Approves Algerian Cease-Fire

Feb. 21, 1962 - The French Government approved today the accords for Algerian peace that were reached with Algerian rebel representatives last Sunday. The official French approval came 24 hours after that of the Algerian Provisional Government in Tunis. There remains ratification by the rebel National Council of the Algerian Revolution, a kind of assembly, which will begin its discussions in Tripoli, Libya, tomorrow. A cease-fire accord and accompanying statements setting out the agreed terms for self-determination of the Algerian people and for an independent Algeria associated with France are expected to be signed next week in France. The Cabinet meeting lasted five and a quarter hours and was one of the longest since General de Gaulle (pictured) returned to power in 1958. Louis Joxe, Minister for Algerian Affairs and chief French negotiator, spoke for an hour and Premier Michel Debré for 20 minutes. President de Gaulle then polled the Ministers one by one. No dissenting opinion was reported.

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